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+ = Applicable toward general education degree requirements
WI = Writing intensive course

+SPAN 101 First Semester Spanish, 3 credits
Acquaints the student with Spanish through experience in the five language skills of understanding, speaking, reading, writing, and culture. No previous study of Spanish or appropriate score on placement exam is necessary. 

+SPAN 102 Second Semester Spanish, 3 credits
Continuation of SPAN 101. Prerequisite: SPAN 101 or equivalent score on placement exam. 

+SPAN 103 Accelerated Beginning Spanish, 5 credits 
Combines the course content of the first two semesters of basic Spanish (101, 102) into one semester of accelerated study. This course acquaints students with the basic language skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing of simple non-literary Spanish prose on high-frequency topics. Learning and language practice occurs in the context of geographical and cultural topics of interest in the Spanish-speaking world. Appropriate score on the placement exam or permission from department.

SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish, 3 credits 
Review and expansion of Spanish grammar, vocabulary and communication skills, especially through speaking and writing. Hispanic cultures and forms of cultural expression are emphasized. Prerequisite: SPAN 102 or 103 or appropriate score on the placement test.

SPAN 202  Readings in Spanish, 3 credits 
Readings and discussion in Spanish of a variety of texts, genres and themes. Develop literacy in Spanish with emphasis on reading comprehension, discussion, and enjoyment, rather than literary criticism. Prerequisite: SPAN 201or equivalent score on placement exam.

SPAN 203 Spanish for the Professions, 3 credits 
An introduction to Spanish in a professional field such as business, law/law enforcement, medical, education or social services. Major topics include: the importance of bilingualism in the U.S., strategies for lifelong learning, culture considerations, and the functional use of Spanish in a professional context. Prerequisites: SPAN 201 or equivalent.

SPAN 311 Advanced Spanish Grammar, 3 credits 
Review essential grammatical concepts from the present indicative to the pluperfect subjunctive in Spanish. In addition to reviewing and learning new verb tenses and analyzing the uses of the indicative and subjunctive moods, students will also be introduced to advanced uses of infinitive verbs, ser and estar, common idiomatic expressions used in a variety of Spanish speaking countries, among other grammar topics. Students will have the opportunity to increase their vocabulary through brief texts, writing assignments, and vocabulary exercises. Some basic topics in linguistics will also be covered. Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent.

SPAN 312 Spanish Abroad, 1-5 credits 
Coursework taken abroad primarily in oral Spanish or Spanish conversation; may include some composition and/or grammar work at the intermediate or advanced level. 1-5 credit hours. Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent.

+WI-SPAN 313 Writing in Spanish, 3 credits 
Practice writing in Spanish; principles of Spanish stylistic patterns; creative writing in Spanish; compositions in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPAN 311.

SPAN 314 Intro to Hispanic Cultural Studies, 3 credits 
An introduction to Hispanic cultures through the study of different artistic and cultural manifestations such as film, literature, and popular art. Focus will be on learning to interpret these works within their cultural, historical and socio-political context. Prerequisite: SPAN 202 or equivalent.

SPAN 315 Second Language Acquisition, 3 credits 
Review a variety of Spanish grammar concepts including ser and estar, direct and indirect object pronouns, the preterit and imperfect indicative, and the present subjunctive. Learn how to identify and address difficult acquisition problems that face second language learners of Spanish. Observe and teach classes, design rubrics, create lesson plans, and analyze second language acquisition data. Prerequisite: SPAN 202; SPAN 311 recommended, but not required.

SPAN 316 Introduction to Hispanic Film Studies, 3 credits 
Introduction to the national cinemas of Latin America and Spain, as well as to the analysis of film production. A review of the cinematic production of these countries focusing on the historical, political and cultural background in which they take place. Prerequisites: SPAN 311 and 313.

SPAN 320 Spain, 3 credits
Study socio-cultural issues in Spain. Usually taken abroad. Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or equivalent if taken abroad; SPAN 311 and 313 if taken on campus.

SPAN 321 Latin America, 3 credits  
Study socio-cultural issues in Latin America. Usually taken abroad. Emphasis may be on one or more particular regions of South America. Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or equivalent if taken abroad; SPAN 311 and 313 if taken on campus.

SPAN 325 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics, 3 credits 
An introduction to a variety of areas in Hispanic Linguistics including sounds and pronunciation (phonetics and phonology), sentence structure (syntax), word formation (morphology), and dialectal differences between numerous Spanish speaking regions in Spain, the Americas, and the United States. This course also introduces theoretical linguistic models such as Chomsky's Universal Grammar and some history of the Spanish language. Prerequisite: SPAN 311

WI-SPAN 334  Seminar in Spanish Cinema & Media, 3 credits 
Advanced study of the cinema of Spain throughout its history with an emphasis on the production of the last decades and its incorporation into the global scene. Emphasis on the historical, cultural, social and political background that determines this production. Student writing will occur on a regular basis throughout the semester and take various forms. Prerequisite: SPAN 316

SPAN 336 Cuban Revolution in Literature & Film, 3 credits 
Get a firm understanding of contemporary Cuba within a global context. Examine the limits and possibilities of "liberation" within the Castro revolution and the Cuban exile communities. Explore how cultural texts (written, visual, oral) reproduce or subvert traditional paradigms of gender, race and class in the Cuban context. Explore more global questions, such as: How do those outside of the island imagine Cuba and why? What are the realities? Prerequisites: SPAN 311, 313 and 314.

SPAN 350 Special Topics in Hispanic Linguistics, 3 credits 
Explore an advanced topic in Hispanic linguistics such as structure of Spanish, Spanish phonetics, History of the Spanish language, or dialectology. Depending on the topic, this course provides an in-depth look at syntactic, phonetic, historical, or dialectal issues from theoretical and practical perspectives. Participate in discussions and comment on articles relevant to Hispanic linguistics. Prerequisites: SPAN 311 and 325.

SPAN 360 Special Topics in Hispanic Cultural Studies, 3 credits 
Explore Hispanic cultural representations–visual, written, oral, etc.–in the context of the world in which they are produced and consumed. Explore how cultural texts (such as film, literature, music, art, graffiti, and/or media) 1) create and embody meaning and values, and 2) symbolize, depict or portray objects, people, thoughts, beliefs or emotions. Topics, on specific region(s) or issue(s) of the Spanish-speaking world, will vary. May be repeated when topic is different. Prerequisites: SPAN 311, 313 and 314.

SPAN 400 Capstone, 3 credits
Independent study for which students create a portfolio of their studies in Spanish and design and complete a final project with the guidance of their advisor in the department. Required for Spanish majors (take during the final year of study). Prerequisite: Spanish advisor permission.

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