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Why Modern Languages at St. Ambrose?

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Here Are 10 Reasons Why

1. Employment by federal or state governments and international or foreign-based companies; including business, finance, law, health care, engineering, and journalism.

2. An opportunity to experience foreign language literature, films and music in their original forms.

3. Exposure to and experience in cross-cultural exchanges.

4. A wider choice for post-secondary study in countries outside of the United States.

5. Knowledge of English is enhanced by the study of second-language structures and semantics.

6. Improved memory skills.

7. Enhanced self-expression and self-concept.

8. Expanded vocabulary, as well as the ability to use one's own language in new ways (translation: a more marketable skill set!).

9. Intellectual benefits.

10. The ability to travel with ease in non-English speaking countries.

Whats Next

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