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Why Modern Languages at St. Ambrose?


In today's increasingly interconnected world, learning a language is a valuable asset for any future career.

Apart from linguistic and cultural proficiency, a major in language helps develop important skills and abilities such as critical thinking, memory, flexibility in learning and thinking, an appreciation and awareness of global perspectives, and the ability to interact effectively with people of different backgrounds.

It will also contribute to a fuller, richer understanding of your own language and culture. In the world of international business and non-profits, knowledge of a foreign language gives you a competitive advantage in the workforce, at the same time that it expands your options to new and exciting types of employment and opportunities for growth.

Why learn a language at St. Ambrose?

Personalized Education

Small class sizes give you the opportunity for personalized mentoring and instruction. Studying languages at St. Ambrose means you'll never get lost in the crowd, and every student plays an important role in class discussions and activities.

To further enrich your experience of studying language at St. Ambrose, professors encourage participation (and participate themselves) in social activities designed by student clubs and organizations such as the Spanish Club.

Different Courses

Professors with a range of specialties from cultural studies to language acquisition broaden the St. Ambrose experience. Courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offer much more than you might imagine: you can take courses and seminars on comics and sequential art, media representation of violence, popular culture, and film in three different languages: Spanish, German, and French. These courses are a creative and compelling way of learning the culture and history of the Spanish, German, and French speaking world.

Study Abroad and Cultural Immersion

Every student majoring or minoring in one of our three languages will have the opportunity of taking some of their credits in another country. Some of the Study Abroad options include programs in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and Uruguay.


In order to help our students with their expenses, two types of scholarships are available from the Modern Languages Department for the overseas study of a modern foreign language for SAU credit:

1) Awards of up to $500 for students taking a General Education Foreign Language course abroad taught by St. Ambrose University language faculty members.
2) Scholarships of up to $2,000 for declared language minors and majors. Students who intend to apply for a scholarship from the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures need to fill out an application and return it to the department chair by the deadlines indicated below.

• Nov. 15 for a Winterim or Spring semester program
• May 1 for a May term, a Summer term, or a Fall semester program

Whats Next

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