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Your Career

A second major in a foreign language is especially beneficial for those pursuing careers in International Studies, Criminal Justice, Education, or healthcare.

So you're a jet-setter. Maybe not? When you love foreign languages and cultures, you can be one or the other – or both! Take a look at the career possibilities below when you major in a foreign language.

Possible Job Opportunities

• Teaching a foreign language
• Translation/Interpretation, Bilingual Assistant
• International Sales Representative
• Working for International Hotel Chains or international airlines
• Travel agencies
• Social work
• Communication personnel in Radio/TV, Foreign Correspondent
• Library Sciences
• Editor, Publishing
• Health Care
• Peace Corps, Diplomatic Corps
• Court interpreter
• Immigration and customs
• Aid Agencies

These government departments and agencies offer training and/or positions where language skills are highly desirable:
• Agency for International Development
• Department of State
• Department of Defense
• Department of Homeland Security
• Department of Housing and Urban Development
• Foreign Service Institute

• Careers in National Security:
o Homeland Security

• Careers in Armed Forces:
o Army
o Navy
o Marines