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Click to download the Music Scholarship Audition Application (pdf)

St. Ambrose has many financial aid opportunities for students with a special talent in music. In addition to need-based financial packages, the Music Department has scholarship and financial aid opportunities available to music majors and all talented SAU music students, regardless of major.

Typically, the Music Department awards more than $170,000 in grants annually to students who audition for its faculty. Awards are fully renewable every year until graduation.

Music Scholarship Audition Dates

The 2017-18 auditions for Music Scholarships are by appointment on the dates below (Saturdays only).

To schedule an audition on any of these dates – or if none will work for you and you need an alternate time – please email Terri Buesing-Flynn or call her at 563-333-6001.

December 9
February 10
April 7

How to Sign up for a Scholarship Audition

Prospective students must first complete the audition application. Click to download the Music Scholarship Audition Application (pdf)

The Music Scholarship Audition Application helps us learn about you and your music background. 

As you complete the application, keep the following tips in mind:

• You will be able to indicate your preference for an audition time or send us your audition through YouTube (with the help of your school music director or private lesson teacher).
• If you choose a preferred audition date, you will receive an email confirming the time.
• If you choose the YouTube method, you will receive an email with more instructions.
• Review the Audition Requirements

Scholarship Auditions

At your audition you must:

1. Provide one copy of your piece(s) to the committee at the audition. It will be returned at the conclusion of the performance.
2. Bring your own accompanist; otherwise, the department will provide one. If you will be using a Music Department accompanist, you must provide a copy of your music one week in advance.
3. Limit your repertoire to 15 minutes. Longer pieces may be performed, but the committee may wish to hear only certain sections in such cases.

Expectations of Scholarship Recipients

During their first four semesters, music scholarship students are required to study with a St. Ambrose faculty member on their instrument/voice.

Additionally, recipients must be enrolled in the major ensemble of their discipline (Symphonic Band, String Ensemble or University Chorale) for the duration of their scholarship award period.

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