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RN-BSN Sample Plan of Study

After all general education courses are complete, RN-BSN students will follow this plan of study (required for SAU Nursing majors):

Semester I
WI-Nurs 326 Health Assessment Applied Across the Lifespan, 3 credits
NURS 386 Caring/Coaching/Educating Across Settings, 3 credits
NURS 376 Pathophysiology/Pharmacology, 3 credits

Semester II
NURS 406 Concepts of Genomics & Family Health, 3 credits
WI-NURS 441 Evidence Based Practice I, II, III, 3 credits
NURS 456 Concepts of Population Health, 3 credits

Semester III
NURS 466 Concepts of Chronicity & Palliative Care, 3 credits
NURS 476 Leadership & Contemporary Issues, 3 credits
NURS 486 Advanced Nursing Practicum with Advanced Application Project, 3 credits
General Education and PHIL 310 classes if needed

Total: 27 credits

WI=writing intensive