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Nursing Fees

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All students are charged a standard fee by the University for any course with a lab component. This fee is reflected on tuition statements. Your tuition bill also will reflect the following nursing fees:

Course No. Course Name Credits Total Fee Includes
NURS 201 Nursing Seminar 1 $45 NSNA membership
NURS 305 Introduction to Contemporary Nursing (WI) 3


NSNA membership
NURS 315 Nursing Process I 3 $235 ATI testing & materials
NURS 320 Nursing Skills I 3 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 345 Clinical Application I 1 $8 Name Pin
NURS 365 Nursing Process II
Across the Lifespan
4 $205 ATI testing & materials
NURS 370 Nursing Skills II 1 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 415 Nursing Process III 4 $205 ATI testing & materials
NURS 420 Research Utilization 2 $195 NSNA membership
HESI testing & materials
NURS 425 Nursing Skills III 1 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 460 Clinical Practice II 4 $58 Nursing Pin
NURS 460-1 (RNs) Clinical Practice II 4 $58 Nursing Pin
NURS 495 Advanced Nursing Practicum 3 $205 ATI testing & materials

Additional fees

  • Additional costs will be associated with required immunizations.
  • Student uniforms for hospital clinical, student uniform for the community health clinical, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure cuff), textbooks, and current CPR certification.
  • Personal health insurance coverage must be documented for clinical experiences. Starting with the junior year, use of a vehicle will be necessary for transportation to regional clinical education sites.
  • Community Health Uniform: 
    • Navy slacks or skirt* (no jeans, no patterns, no scrub pants);
    • White blouse or shirt with a collar* (polo-style is acceptable);
    • Solid navy or solid white sweater if desired;
    • Dark shoes with closed toe and heel*, heel not to exceed one inch; no athletic shoes;
    • Neutral colored hose with skirts; neutral or dark-colored socks with slacks;
    • Department of Nursing name tag.
    • A watch with a sweep second hand* is required for every clinical experience.
    • All students are responsible for providing their own blood pressure cuffs* and stethoscopes*. Blood pressure cuffs must be new (with a recently dated receipt) or older cuffs must have validation that they have been calibrated recently.

*Required purchase

Note: All St. Ambrose University nursing students are expected to participate in the local, state, and national Student Nurse Association. The organization's publications inform you about scholarship opportunities and current issues in nursing. In addition, participation in these organizations will assist in developing a number of necessary professional skills.

Other costs

  • Uniform Cost: Allow $60-$120 depending on number of changes purchased. (Shoes also available at Uniform Den. Consult student handbook for guidelines. All lab coats and uniforms must have an SAU logo emblem properly attached. The emblems may be purchased from the Uniform Den. The cost is $3.75 each. The Uniform Den will attach the emblem to a previously purchased lab coat for $2.)
    • Uniform Den
      1309 5th Avenue
      Moline, Illinois 61265
  • Progressive Nursing Day
  • State Board Visit

National Student Nurses' Association

Faculty encourage students at the sophomore level and higher to attend the statewide student nurse convention each fall semester. Convention attendance offers students a number of learning opportunities beyond the curriculum. For example, the attendees have an opportunity for informal interviews with representatives of potential future employers.

  • Registration $40
  • Transportation $10
  • 1 or 2 nights at hotel $60 (based on 4 to a room)