Nursing Fees

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All students are charged a standard fee by the University for any course with a lab component. This fee is reflected on tuition statements. Your tuition bill also will reflect the following nursing fees:

Course No. Course Name Credits Total Fee Includes
NURS 305 Introduction to Contemporary Nursing (WI) 3


NSNA membership
NURS 315 Nursing Process I 3 $271 ATI testing & materials
NURS 320 Nursing Skills I 3 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 326
Health Assessment Applied Across the Lifespan (WI) 3 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 345 Clinical Application I 1 $8.50 Name Pin
NURS 365 Nursing Process II
Across the Lifespan
4 $226 ATI testing & materials
NURS 370 Nursing Skills II 1 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 415 Nursing Process III 4 $226 ATI testing & materials
NURS 425 Nursing Skills III 1 $50 Lab Fee
NURS 485 Advanced Nursing Practicum 2 $65 Nursing Pin
NURS 486 (RNs) Advanced Nursing Practicum 3 $65 Nursing Pin
NURS 495 Advanced Nursing Practicum 3 $226 ATI testing & materials

Once admitted, what will I need?

(Uniform and equipment requirements do not apply to RN-BSN students)

Uniform – Each student needs at least one full uniform, available only through the SAU bookstore. The uniforms are dark navy and white, easy to maintain, and very professional-looking. The uniform includes a warm-up jacket, scrub pants, and a top with the St. Ambrose Nursing Student badge that has been professionally applied. 
Note: Students must have the full uniform by the third week of the semester.

Shoes – Uniform shoes must be all white leather. (If you choose an athletic-type of shoe and it includes an icon with small amount of color that is usually okay). Mesh athletic shoes are not appropriate because they are difficult to keep clean.

Watch – Each nursing student needs a watch with a sweep second hand.

Stethoscope – Each nursing student needs a stethoscope. We suggest the brand MD One, and it may be ordered online with 21 colors to choose from. MDF Instruments offers a discount and free shipping to all SAU nursing students who order online. This stethoscope has a lifetime warranty and a free parts-for-life program.  

Textbooks – All textbooks adopted for the nursing curriculum will be stocked in the SAU bookstore. While we do realize that textbooks are expensive, we do discourage renting textbooks because many of them will be used throughout the entire nursing program.

Parking – Just a reminder that there is NO student parking at the Center for Health Sciences Education (CHSE). However, there is free roundtrip bus service (with your student ID) from main campus to the front of CHSE. Times and routes are available here.