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Health Information Requirement

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The Department of Nursing requires that the following health information be on file in the university health office prior to beginning classes (additional information is available in the Student Handbook):

  • Health History
  • Physical Exam Report
  • Immunization History
  • Hepatitis B vaccination series
  • Mantoux STU PPD-T 2 Step Procedure for a base line followed by Mantoux STU PPD-T (if baseline Mantoux STU PPD was negative). Must be current at time of application
  • A chest x-ray is mandated if a TB test is positive. If the chest x-ray is negative, no further re-check is required.
  • Two MMR immunizations or proof of immunity
  • Documentation of chickenpox or varicella titer
  • Students doing observations or clinical experiences are required to have flu shots.

Sign the Authorization to Release Information on the health form.