Program Goals and Outcomes

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Courtney Davis, a 2006 alum of St. Ambrose.


  1. Develop beginning level professional nurses who use caring, ethics, and standards of care to guide their practice.
  2. Foster the development of individuals who are prepared for today and tomorrow's challenges and assume responsibility for the advancement of humanity and nursing.
  3. Prepare program graduates to pursue additional education


  1. Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and the sciences in utilizing the nursing process to deliver compassionate, safe, holistic nursing care.
  2. Demonstrate use of critical thinking in making informed judgments in various environmental contexts.
  3. Demonstrate written, oral, and electronic communication competence and interpersonal relationship skills in a variety of clinical environments.
  4. Demonstrate competence in performing therapeutic nursing interventions.
  5. Validate existing practice and improve nursing care through research utilization.
  6. Apply professional standards of practice incorporating legal, ethical, and financial accountability.
  7. Participate with multidisciplinary colleagues to design, implement, and evaluate consumer-driven health care.
  8. Participate in the ongoing development of the profession.
  9. Demonstrate leadership through participation in educational, political, community, or organizational activities.
  10. Participate in community service activities.

Did you know?

The first-try pass rate for St. Ambrose students on the NCLEX nursing licensure exam exceeded the national average in 2011 and 2012. More than 90 percent of students passed on their first try.