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Why Nursing?

The Nursing Department is located in the state-of-the-art Health Sciences Education Center on the west campus of Genesis Medical Center.

If you are an individual who enjoys working with people, likes science and social studies, seeks new experiences and challenges on a daily basis, and desires opportunity for career advancement, nursing is definitely for you.

Nurses work in a variety of areas including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient facilities, mental health facilities, and public health departments. With education beyond the baccalaureate level, nurses can assume the role of nurse administrator, nurse educator, nurse practitioner or nurse researcher.

  • The nursing program at SAU prepares a graduate for a general beginning level position in nursing. Students with a special interest may pursue this interest using an independent study approach under the guidance of a consenting nursing faculty advisor. SAU strongly encourages males, as well as females, to explore their options for a career in nursing.
  • The Nursing Department is committed to program excellence, service to the community, and development of a professional nurse with an appropriate balance of caring, ethical sensitivity, and critical thinking.

Only at Ambrose

  • The Nursing Department is located in the Center for Health Sciences Education on the west campus of Genesis Medical Center.
  • Students gain valuable experience using advanced electronic data and patient record data management systems.
  • Clinical rotations provide experiences in real health care environments. Students are exposed to clinical areas including obstetrics, pediatrics, medical surgical, mental health and community health.
  • Standardized testing prep is woven into the curriculum. Throughout the program, students complete competency exams to determine acquired knowledge and licensure exam readiness.
  • The curriculum includes a special emphasis on social justice, professional trends, and biomedical ethics.

    Whats Next

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