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Program Goals and Outcomes

Courtney Davis photo
Courtney Davis, a 2006 alum of St. Ambrose.


  1. Develop beginning level professional nurses who use caring, ethics, and standards of care to guide their practice.
  2. Foster the development of individuals who are prepared for today and tomorrow's challenges and assume responsibility for the advancement of humanity and nursing.
  3. Prepare program graduates to pursue additional education.


  1. Synthesize knowledge from the liberal arts and the sciences in utilizing the nursing process to deliver compassionate, safe, holistic nursing care.
  2. Integrates knowledge of systems leadership, quality improvement, and client safety for the provision of holistic, client-centered care across the health care continuum.
  3. Appraises and integrates standards of evidence-based practice and theory to improve health outcomes for clients, families, and populations.
  4. Utlizes technology and information systems in multiple practice settings for quality client care.
  5. Collaborates with clients, health care professionals, and the community to advocate and influence policy, finance, and regulatory factors to improve and optimize health care practices.
  6. Demonstrates appropriate team building, communication, and collaborative strategies when working with clients and members of the health care team.
  7. Selects caring, coaching, and educating strategies for health promotion and disease prevention at the individual and population level.
  8. Engage in ethical reasoning and interdisciplinary problem solving to optimize human dignity, autonomy, and social justice.
  9. Provdies safe, cost effective, and holistic client-centered care to individuals, families, groups, communities, and populations throughout the lifespan utilizing appropriate resources across health care environments.