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Occupational Therapy



Students begin their coursework learning the Professional Foundation. This includes the domain and process of occupational therapy and the science of the human body that support occupational performance. Students advance to applying their knowledge during classroom and laboratory experiences.

The following semesters emphasize Occupational Engagement: A Fit between Person and Environment. These include courses that examine the client and environmental factors that impact occupational participation, including evidence that guides assessment and intervention strategies that promote occupational engagement considering typical development, as well as the impact of disease, injury, or illness.

Students engage in Fieldwork that allows application of and practice of principles from the classroom followed by guided reflection activities.

The final year culminates in a transition from student to practitioner with a culminating project, comprehensive exam, and experiential component. This supports the Bridge to Professional Practice.

The following courses have been approved as the curriculum for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program.

Fall Semester
OTD 515 Occupational Justice and Foundations of OT 3
OTD 520 OT Process: Analyzing Occupations for Individuals and Groups 3
OTD 525 Assessment 3
OTD 530 Neuroscience for OT 3
OTD 540 Analysis of Movement in Occupational Performance 3

Spring Semester
OTD 550 Interventions IA 5
OTD 551 Interventions IB 5
OTD 555 Critical Inquiry I 3
OTD 560 Fieldwork Level IA 3

Summer Term
OTD 575 Research Methods 3
OTD 580 Leadership and Management in OT Practice 3

Fall Semester
OTD 600 Interventions IIA 5
OTD 601 Interventions IIB 5
OTD 605 Critical Inquiry II 3
OTD 625 Scholarship I 2
OTD 630 Fieldwork Level IB 3

Spring Semester
OTD 650 Interventions IIIA 4
OTD 651 Interventions IIIB 4
OTD 655 Critical Inquiry III 3
OTD 660 Fieldwork Level IC 3
OTD 675 Scholarship II 2

Summer Term
OTD 705 Doctoral Project Proposal 3
OTD 725 Scholarship III (optional) 2
OTD 726 Special Topics (optional) 1-3

Fall Semester
OTD 730 Fieldwork Level II 6
OTD 735 Fieldwork Level II 6

Spring Semester
OTD 750 Doctoral Project 3
OTD 800 Experiential Component 8

Total Program Credits: 97-102