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Occupational Therapy


Curriculum Design

Iowa Countryside by Stan Herd
"Iowa Countryside," by Stan Herd

The image, "Iowa Countryside" (at right), created on four acres by artist Stan Herd, was selected as our curricular image. Mr. Herd creates his art as a living, changing exhibit using a palette of acres of land with living, growing plants. This representation specifically illustrates our geographic setting (rural Iowa). The image conveys a general understanding of life as a journey impacted by the contextual nature of living. The journey of our curriculum is fueled by the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others through evidence based intervention that optimizes the occupational engagement of others.

This image further represents our program as alive with learning opportunities. Students explore the scenery around them through a variety of courses and field experiences. As they travel through the curriculum, the scenery, their understanding of it, and their impact on it will create change. They will be able to participate in experiences, stop and reflect, see things that they missed when they initially explored particular areas, and ultimately plan projects that impact the context, environment, and health.

Also, the "seasons" will change, requiring students to adapt, adjust, and advocate for OT's distinct value in meeting the changing health needs and practice environments. The path is ongoing, denoting the need for continued growth and development beyond our curriculum as students transition to the role of entry-level occupational therapists and then expand to experts in their professional lives.