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Occupational Therapy



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Two levels of fieldwork are required of occupational therapy students enrolled at St. Ambrose University. The fieldwork curriculum is comprised of 24 weeks plus a 16-week experiential component. 

Students are responsible for their own transportation, travel, housing, specific health- or compliance-related costs for these experiences, and continue to pay tuition while completing their field experiences.

  • Level I Fieldwork occurs each semester and includes time in the clinical setting (traditional or role-emerging) as well as the classroom. Reflection and discussion occurs after each experience.
  • Level II Fieldwork occurs once students have completed all academic coursework and consists of six months of full-time fieldwork in the third year, fall semester of the program. This marks the transition from student to practitioner.
  • Placements for Level I and Level II are both local and throughout the U.S. in traditional and emerging areas of practice.

There are a myriad of other hands-on experiences and service learning opportunities within many of the classes. Pages on Level I and Level II fieldwork describe the programs set up by the fieldwork coordinators and also offer a listing of forms for current students and fieldwork educators.

For further information or questions about fieldwork, please contact Angie McCombs, OTD, OTR/L, Clinical Assistant Professor, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at 563-333-6353.