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Philosophy class

Many students earn a philosophy degree along with another degree. This makes sense, since philosophy is relevant to just about any other field of study you will find at college.

Consider the following areas of philosophy, along with just some of the relevant fields of study:

Aesthetics (i.e. defining beauty): art, music, theatre.
Ethics: business, law, medicine, politics.
Metaphysics and Epistemology (i.e. determining what is real, and how we know about it): biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, theology.
Logic: all of the above, as well as accounting, computer science, forensics.

The most important benefit of studying philosophy is its effects upon your life. You will, after all, spend all of your life living life, and only a part of it working.

Consequently, the SAU Philosophy Department prides itself on preparing people to be complete people: solicitous in their relationships; critical in their quest for truth; and devoted in their pursuit of what is good.

Want to know more?

Students interested in learning more about this most ancient and relevant discipline should email any professor with questions, or visit a professor's office to talk about how philosophy can be important to their careers and lives.