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Why Philosophy at St. Ambrose?

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Here Are 10 Reasons Why


10. Woody Allen said he majored in philosophy because that way, nobody knows when you're wrong.

9.  Philosophy majors are great lovers--of wisdom, that is.

8.  Majoring in Philosophy helps students learn to think and write more clearly.

7.  Philosophy makes a GREAT second major. Most SAU philosophy majors are double majors.  One major prepares you to earn a living (that's not philosophy) and the other prepares you for living.

6.   Major in philosophy because you love it, love thinking, and love talking about what you think.

5.  Philosophy, Physics and Honors Program majors score highest on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).

4.  One member of the SAU Philosophy Department was selected "Professor of the Year" for the state of Iowa just a few years ago.  

3.  You will get to answer endlessly the question, "But what are you going to do with a major in Philosophy?" You will be asked by parents, teachers, friends, classmates, bus drivers, bar patrons--practically everyone asks this question. It's a real conversation starter.

2.  My favorite philosophy professor in college (on the east coast) said: "Major in philosophy because you can't not major in philosophy."

And the #1 reason for majoring in philosophy is:

1. You enjoy thinking about how all the parts of the world and of our experience fit together. Priceless!