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Why Philosophy at St. Ambrose?

Senior Seminar students chat in the Beehive with philosophy professor Dr. Tanya Randle.

Philosophy makes a great second major. In fact, most SAU philosophy majors are double majors. One of your majors can prepare you to earn a living, and the other can prepare you for living.

Dedicated Faculty

The Philosophy Department at St. Ambrose University has a tradition of dedicated and dynamic teachers who have lasting effects on students. Our professors are known to have correspondence with their students long after they've graduated. You can read some of their stories here.

Through our teaching and involvement with public and academic lectures, we remain integral to the University's tradition of promoting peace and justice.

Further, more than any other single department, the Philosophy Department is able to fulfill the University's Mission Statement of enabling students to "develop intellectually, spiritually, ethically, socially and artistically."

You (maybe) won't get corrupted

Good news! Our recent research shows that most of our philosophy majors have yet to be condemned to death for corrupting the youth.

Become well-rounded

Since Philosophy is one of the few SAU departments without a geographic center on campus, our professors see themselves being especially integrated into an interdisciplinary learning environment. Consequently, SAU philosophy students find themselves interested and knowledgeable in many fields.

And there's an additional bonus when you major: many of your philosophy classes also fulfill general education requirements!

Thinking about graduate school?

Philosophers dominate on the GRE. Check it out. And here's how philosophy majors performed on the LSAT.

They're On to Us

Finally, the world is starting to catch on to what philosophers have known for millennia. All things considered, philosophy is actually the most practical thing you can study.