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Your Career

Long-time Ambrose professor and philosopher Joe McCaffrey, PhD, teaches a class in Ambrose Hall.

Philosophy majors have the wisdom and skills to excel in whatever career path they take.

There's something about the critical thinking skills, writing ability, wisdom in interpersonal relationships and, above all else, creativity in thought and action that makes philosophers valuable.

Philosophy students have been successful in all kinds of careers, including:

  • lawyer
  • writer/editor
  • judge
  • doctor
  • investigator
  • social activist
  • retail manager
  • journalist
  • teacher, and many others.

For the selective few, there is the career of professor; however, the vast majority of philosophy graduates end up using their wisdom along with other careers. Although it's best not to rely on this happening, it's fun to recognize just a few notable philosophy majors:

stephen colbertComedian Steve Martin loved logic and argumentation and made a stand-up routine out of considering the absurd.

Actor Steven Colbert (at left) studied philosophy two years before switching to theatre and then used his analytic ability to create the bad arguments of his character on The Colbert Report and later, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Journalist Juan Williams uses his degree in philosophy to inform his contributions to NPR, The Hill, and Fox News.

Founder and former CEO of Paypal Peter Thiel studied analytic philosophy and libertarianism and was influenced by Christian literary theorist Rene Girard.

angela davisAuthor and activist Angela Davis (left) earned a doctorate in philosophy.

pope john paulKarol Wojytla, later known as Pope John Paul II, also had a doctorate in philosophy. Any who have papal ambitions should study up!


It seems that wherever you encounter someone who is successful both at their career and at life itself, there is a good chance they will have the critical and creative thinking skills developed from philosophy classes.