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engineering and physical science



Ring Nebula (courtesy: Dr. Robert Mitchell)
Astrophotography (Ring Nebula) by SAU Professor Dr. Robert Mitchell

As part of the physics curriculum, St. Ambrose University offers an astronomy course that serves two main needs; those of non-science undergraduates seeking general education distribution credit or to broaden their understanding of the universe in which they live, and those of undergraduate physical scientists.

The course teaches observational descriptions of the moon, stars, planets and galaxies and discusses the theories of their origins and evolution. Students also familiarize themselves with the use of telescopes and other equipment.

Astrophotography by Dr. Robert Mitchell

Crescent Moon by Dr. Robert Mitchell

Lunar Eclipse by Dr. Robert Mitchell


Also as part of this course, students make trips to the Monsignor Sebastian G. Menke Observatory, an off-campus facility located at the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center near Dixon, Iowa.

The facility is owned by St. Ambrose University and operated jointly by the Department and the staff at the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center.

Directions to the Menke Observatory