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Degree Requirements

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Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology Major (51 credits)

PSYC 105, CRJU 101, STAT 213 (C or better), PSYC 215 (C or better), and PSYC 306, PSYC 321, PSYC 324, PSYC 325, WI-PSYC 342, PSYC 421 (At least three credit hours Forensic Psychology Internship).  

One of the following courses:  PSYC 203, PSYC 305, PSYC 332, PSYC 343, PSYC 360.  

Nine credit hours in Criminal Justice/Sociology including:  SOC 342, CRJU 400, CRJU 411.  

One of the following concentrations:

Concentration in Children Services (12 hours): CRJU 316, PSYC 326, 327, and 384.
Concentration in Adult Services (12 hours): CRJU 231, 313, 314, PSYC 324.

Internship Program: Students will be able to receive practical experience in Forensic Psychology by enrolling in fieldwork placements in settings such as forensic psychology hospitals (emotionally disturbed offenders), prisons/jails, and agencies related to the family court or treatment of youthful offenders.