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Degree Requirements

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology Major (51 credits)


PSYC 105, PSYC 215, CRJU 101, STAT 213, PSYC 306 or SOC 220, PSYC 321, PSYC 325, PSYC 328, WI-PSYC 342, CRJU 221, CRJU 400, SOC 342, and 3 credits (maximum of 6 credits) of PSYC 421.

Students are to choose one concentration area:

Concentration in Children Services (12 hours): CRJU 316, PSYC 326, PSYC 327, and PSYC 384.
Concentration in Adult Services (12 hours): CRJU 231, 313, 314, PSYC 324.

*Students meet the "Integrated Learning" requirement as the Forensic Psychology major is an interdisciplinary program.

Internship Program: Students will be able to receive practical experience in Forensic Psychology by enrolling in internship placements in such settings as outpatient/inpatient treatment facilities, jails/prisons, state/federal courts, probation/parole facilities, community programs for treating the offender population, policing organizations, and agencies related to the family court or treatment of youthful offenders (including schools).