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Psychology Degree

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Bachelor of Arts

This degree is intended for students who are interested in the scientific study of behavior, thought processes and emotion.  Students learn to recognize the importance of human diversity, multiculturalism, and how human behavior is constructed by multiple complex and interacting influences.  The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, grounded in the scientific methods, can prepare students for graduate study in psychology, as well as careers in health sciences, business, communications, economics, criminal justice, or sociology, and careers that do not require advanced training.

Bachelor of Science

This degree provides firm grounding in the scientific basis of human thinking and behavior.  There is increased emphasis on the role of the natural sciences in understanding thought and behavior, and more opportunities to design and conduct scientific studies.  This degree option is good preparation for graduate programs in psychology that require a strong background in the natural sciences.  Additionally, it can prepare students for post-graduate study in professional health science programs.

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