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Top 10 – Sociology

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1. Students choose sociology because they find the concepts and ideas really interesting, often making the decision to become a sociology major after taking their first sociology class.

2. The type of student that chooses sociology typically has a strong desire to help others and to make a positive difference in the world.

3. Sociology majors indicate that sociology helps them better understand themselves and others and improves their relationships with other people.

4. It is a natural major for students seeking careers working with people and facilitating the integration of individuals into various groups and programs.

5. A major in Sociology offers a lot of flexibility for career paths (e.g., human services, business, criminal justice, communications/marketing, and working with youth and elderly, to name only a few).

6. It's a program that pairs well with Criminal Justice. (See #4)

7. Lots of different jobs await you in the business world for sales, marketing, customer relations or human resources.

8. You can get involved outside of the classroom. The Sociology and Criminial Justic Department sponsor a Sociology Club to encourage extra-curricular voluntary involvement with sociological concerns. There is also a Sociology Honor Society to recognize the outstanding achievement of students in the Sociology program.

9. Use your sociology degree to advance to a Master of Criminal Justice degree, one of only a handful in Iowa!

10. There's a fair demand for sociologists through 2020, according to the Department of Labor.