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Why Theatre at St. Ambrose?

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Les Liaisons Dangereuses

From the production "Les Liaisons Dangereuses"


Here Are 10 Reasons


  1. The chance to be involved in stellar productions, even as a first year student!
  2. To participate in the annual children's show and experience what it is like to perform in front of thousands!
  3. The countless opportunities for students to get involved in all aspects of production including, set design, costume design, acting, sound, stage management, construction, directing, and more!
  4. The chance to travel with SAU faculty and study abroad in New York City, London and Ireland!
  5. To benefit from local connections with area theatres, Circa 21, Curtainbox, Comedysportz, etc.
  6. Free pizza after the final performance of each show!
  7. Work on a traditional proscenium stage that seats 1,200 as well as a black box theatre that seats 50.
  8. Annual participation in the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.
  9. Develop life-long friends and colleagues.
  10. The chance to learn and grow with faculty members who really care.


    And if that wasn't enough...

    Students read an impressive variety of plays as part of their coursework

    Take a peek at the required reading list (pdf)