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Why Theology at St. Ambrose?

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Theology informs almost every aspect of our lives. From deliberations about war and peace to the decisions handed down by the Supreme Court, people's embedded beliefs about God and the world infuse everything they do.

In the Theology Department at SAU, we believe Socrates said: the unexamined life is not worth living. We scrutinize our beliefs, how we come to hold them, and how they interface with a rapidly changing world.

We do this from within the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, not out of fear or skepticism, but out of love for God and neighbor.

Study Abroad

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Anyone who studies abroad comes back and raves about it: how it changed their life, their outlook on the world, and even what they want to do with their life after college.

When you major in Theology, you can take classwork overseas that's specific to your program. Learn more