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Women and gender studies



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Women and Gender Studies offers an interdisciplinary major and minor that implements the University's mission by creating a climate of learning which "fosters self respect" and enables participants "to develop intellectually, spiritually, ethically, socially, artistically, and physically in order to enrich their own lives and the lives of others."


Major in Women and Gender Studies: offers an interdisciplinary academic focus on issues of women and gender. Read the Degree Requirements

Minor in Women and Gender Studies: is available to students in any major and provides rich opportunities for students to explore issues of women and gender. Read the Degree Requirements

Social Justice

Although primarily academic in emphasis, the Women and Gender Studies degree program assumes a leadership role on a campus with a long tradition of concern for social justice. Further, it recognizes the need to prepare women and men for the multicultural world in which they live and work, a world currently being transformed by feminist scholarship.

Double Major/Minor?

A degree in Women and Gender Studies makes an excellent complement to many other fields of study. We train students to use gender as a lens to analyze many different topics, and our interdisciplinary, transnational focus gives our students the edge they need to compete in our rapidly changing global environment.

Our students double major or minor in fields such as Sociology, Psychology, English, Education, Biology, Criminal Justice, and Computer Science. Students can also choose to build their own integrated concentrations in areas such as Women's Health, Gender and Art, and other topics.

love and rockets coverFaculty Research Interests

Our faculty have a broad range of research interests and our focus on transnational feminist activism offers students many unique choices of classes, research and internship opportunities, and chances to network with scholars, activists, and business leaders.

In Brittany Tullis's U.S. Latina Literature class, for example, students analyze the comic book series "alternative femininities" in Love and Rockets, which is an English-language comic based out of California. Students can examine the comics to discover how female subjectivity constructed in a way that battles the institution of compulsory heterosexuality and patriarchal power at the same time that it offers refreshing alternatives to the model of the "Latina spitfire," the standard mode of representation of the U.S. Latina in popular culture.