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Women and gender studies



+WMST 201. Women's Studies: A Cross-Cultural Introduction • 3 credits
Provides an overview of topics and approaches that mark women's studies across disciplinary and cultural boundaries.

+WMST 210. U.S. Latina Lit & Culture • 3 credits
This course is designed to help you learn about the four largest Latin communities and their cultures in the U.S.: Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American and Dominican American. We will study these cultures specifically through women's issues and perspectives, as these intersect with socially constructed paradigms of "race", class and gender. We will explore and interpret literature, film and other forms of cultural expression by and about Latinas (Hispanic women in the U.S.). You will be asked to engage the material with an openness to potentially new ways of learning and thinking about the world, especially with regard to cultural identity, language, power and privilege. I encourage you to participate regularly in class discussions, and you are welcome to comment and ask questions to enrich your understanding of the texts and themes of the course.

+WMST 310. Topics in Women's Studies • 3 credits
Explores a particular issue related to women and/or gender in an interdisciplinary setting. Prerequisites: Instructor permission.

+WMST 315. Latin American Women's Issues • 3 credits
Explores the challenges and the opportunities faced by Latin American women of the past and present. Prerequisites: Sophomore status.

+WMST 320. Women in Irish Film • 3 credits
This course takes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of the representations of women in Irish films; feminist theory, Irish cultural history, and film theory. The course integrates explanations of film language and theory and Irish cinema for students without a background in film, Women's Studies, or Irish Studies to quickly get up to speed on the major themes and issues surrounding the status of women in Irish film and culture.

WMST 325. Feminist Theory • 3 credits
A critical study of major feminist theories that explores the central insights and debates in the development of feminist theories with a focus on contemporary feminist theories. Prerequisites: WMST 201.

+WMST 330. Women's Studies Practicum • 3 credits
Provides opportunities to analyze and critique systems of inequality, linking feminist theories to community practice. Work with a local agency serving the needs of women will take place in the context of readings, discussion, and critical reflection. Prerequisites: WMST 201.

+WMST 340. Women and Madness • 3 credits
Explores the role of culture and politics in defining and treating "mental illness" especially as it has marginalized or oppressed passionate, unconventional, and disobedient women of the past and present. Prerequisites: WMST 201.

WMST 350. Independent Study • 1-3 credits
Directed individual reading, research and/or writing on topics approved by the Women's Studies Advisory Committee. Prerequisites: Instructor consent required.

WI-WMST 390. Women's Studies Minor Seminar • 3 credits
Provides an opportunity for scholarly research and writing in an interdisciplinary setting. Prerequisites: ENGL 101, with a minimum grade of C; WMST 201; and six credits of course work in the minor.

WI-WMST 405. Women's Studies Major Seminar • 3 credits
Provides Women's Studies majors with a capstone experience consisting of sustained research and writing in an interdisciplinary setting. Prerequisites: ENGL 101, with a minimum grade of C; WMST 201, 325; and 9 additional credits in major.