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Women and gender studies



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Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Women and Gender Studies (30 credits)

WGS 201 Introduction
WGS 325 Feminist Theory
WI-WGS 405 Seminar

Choose 18 credits from these core courses:
ENGL 222 Women's Literature
+HIST 318 American Women: Topics 
+PSYC 203 Psychology of Gender
WI-PYSC 312 Women and Aging 
+SOC 325 Sex and Gender
+THEO 324 Women Theologians 
+WGS 310 Topics in Women's Studies
+WGS 315 Latin American Women's Issues
+WGS 320 Women in Irish Film
+WGS 330 Women's Studies in Practicum
+WGS 340 Women and Madness

No more than 9 credits from the affiliate courses:
+COMM 203 Interpersonal Communication 
CRJU 487 Race, Gender, Class and Criminal Justice
+ENGL 304 Renaissance Literature 
KIN 273 Women's Health Issues
PSYC 205 Psychology of Human Sexuality
SVLN 201 Service Learning (1 credit)
+SOC 323 Marriage and Family 
+SOC 340 Race and Ethnicity
THEO 305 Theology of Christian Marriage
+THEO 310 Social Justice
+THEO 321 Contemporary Theological Issues 
WGS 350 Independent Study (1-3 credits)

Requirements for a Minor (18 credits)

+WGS 201 Introduction
WI-WGS 390 Seminar

At least six credits from:
+ENGL 222 Women's Literature
+HIST 318 American Women
+PSYCH 203 Psychology of Gender 
PSYCH 205 Psychology of Human Sexuality
WI-PSYCH 312 Women and Aging
+THEO 324 Women Theologians
+WGS 210 US Latina Literature and Culture
+WGS 310 Topics (Fall 2014-Cross listed with KIN 273 Women's Health/Women and Sport)
+WGS 320 Women and Irish Film 
WGS 325 Feminist Theory (Fall 2014-Cross listed with Sociology 380)
+WGS 330 Practicum
+WGS 340 Women and Madness

+=fulfills general education requirement


Please check Beeline for course numbers and updates; some course numbers may change as departments update their course numbers.

For more information, please contact Katy Strzepek, Director of Women and Gender Studies, 563-333-6113.

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