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Women and gender studies


Why Women and Gender Studies at St. Ambrose?

panty pulping
Guest artist from the Peace Paper Project showed students how to transform clothing into art. Panty Pulping (shown here) is a form of art therapy: a pathway to healing for survivors of assault.

Although primarily academic in emphasis, the program assumes a leadership role on a campus with a long tradition of concern for social justice. Further, it recognizes the need to prepare women and men for the multicultural world in which they live and work, a world currently being transformed by feminist scholarship.

Campus Programs

Every year, Women and Gender Studies brings speakers and performers from around the world to the SAU campus, including lecturers from Iran, EI Salvador, Russia, South Africa, and elsewhere.

Recognition of Academic Excellence

The department offers the annual Sister Ritamary Bradley Prize for Research on Women and Gender to outstanding graduates. Iota Iota Iota, the National Women's Studies Honor Society, also recognizes academic excellence and provides leadership opportunities.

Building a Well-Rounded Student

student with body outlineDrawing on the social sciences, religion and philosophy, the arts, and professional areas, Women and Gender Studies 201 offers students an interdisciplinary experience; it encourages students from a variety of academic areas to make sense of multiple disciplinary angles of vision.

Further, students are introduced to the new scholarship on women which, over the past 25 years, has affected the focus and methodologies of many academic areas.

Lastly, the course encourages students to connect – with their very humanity, immediate social context, and in a global setting – through reading, discussion, research, writing, and reflection.

Women's Studies Resource Center

The center, located in Ambrose Hall 224, serves the campus community on issues of diversity and social justice through a variety of programs. It is also a great resource for research on women and gender and has a wide variety of books, journals, videos, and other resources that may be checked out by SAU students, faculty, and staff.