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Women and gender studies



Top 10 Reasons to Study Women's Studies at SAU

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1. Take great classes in a variety of disciplines.

2. Work with excellent faculty who enjoy sharing their expertise with their students and working with students on independent projects.

3. Develop critical thinking skills that are invaluable in today's rapidly changing global society.

4. Learn about a variety of cultures and understand how to interact in diverse settings.

5. Gain facility in research methods and strategies and learn to critically analyze materials from multiple perspectives. This can be done not only through class, but also in internships and study abroad opportunities that combine theory with practice and prepare students for future careers in many areas.

6. Participate in a supportive community of learners in WS classes and through WS service activities that benefit our local and global communities and work collaboratively with other students and community members to produce high quality research and service projects.

7. Complete service projects that facilitate an understanding of the dynamics of power and empowerment.

8. Learn about how personal stories about race, class, gender, disability, religion, and other issues are individual stories that are also connected to larger systems of privilege and inequality.

9. Examine the connections between gender discrimination, racial discrimination, and other types of social inequality and work to develop solutions to end all types of inequality.

10. Participate in classes where diverse learning styles are valued, individual efforts are praised, and collaborative activism is encouraged.

Bonus Reason! Develop leadership skills through helping to run Ambrose Women for Social Justice conferences and Women's Studies honor society events, such as the V-day play and the Clothesline project.