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Approval Process

1. Any course offered in our regular undergraduate program may be WI if the course meets the WI guidelines and is approved by EPC. Because our students must complete ENGL 101 before taking their first WI course, such designations should generally be sought for 200, 300, and 400 level courses.

2. A faculty member or group of faculty members creates a sample WI course syllabus and course summary following the WI guidelines. Consultation with the Director of Writing is encouraged.

3. In the semester before the class is expected to be taught as WI, the faculty member or group seeking WI approval should request support letters from the department chair/program director and from the college dean which should be sent to the EPC along with the course syllabus and Course Summary Sheet.

4. Following approval of the course as WI, the instructor of a WI course will be asked to complete a post-semester assessment of how well the course met the instructor's WI objectives. The assessment will be initiated by and shared with the Director of Writing. This assessment will take place after every semester the course is offered.

5. The EPC will review the course WI designation and either reconfirm or remove the designation during the department's five year review.
WI instructors are encouraged to take advantage of on-going FDC, CTE, or WAC sponsored writing workshops. The Director of Writing will introduce new faculty members to WAC during their orientation program.
Complete the Course Summary Sheet (.doc)

Complete the Course Summary Sheet (.pdf)