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Spring 2017

Course NumberCourse NameFaculty/Instructor
ACCT-303-2 Intermediate Accounting III O'Rourke
ART-410-A Graphic Design III Meyer Ernst
ART-430-A Painting III K. Quinn
BIOL-300-A Biological Literature and Communication Aschliman
CHEM 350-A Introduction to Chemical Literature and Writing Stratton
COMM-230-A Media Writing Preston
COMM-306-A Group Dynamics and Methods of Decision-Making Stevens
COMM-331-A Advanced Media Writing Sivell
COMM-375-A Media Programming & Management Colwell
COMM-405-A Strategic Communication Campaigns Preston
COMM-432-A Media Law Preston
CRJU-407-A Seminar in Criminal Justice Pizzini
EDUC-301-A History and Philosophy of Education Bechen
EDUC-301-M History and Philosophy of Education Bechen
EDUC-309-B Educational Psychology: Tests and Measurements Blesz
ENGL 219-A Introduction to Literary Study Connelly
ENGL-315-I Written Business Communication Pitz
ENGL-316-A Expository Writing Workshop Herzig
HIST-400-A Senior Seminar in World History La Corte
HON-301-A The Symposium Anderson
IE-351-M Industrial Engineering Design Lab Prosise
IE-490-A Industrial Engineering Senior Design Seminar Hill
KIN-306-A Sports Promotions and Marketing Li
KIN-340-A Nutrition Concepts Bibens
KIN-340-B Nutrition Concepts Bibens
KIN 340-C Nutrition Concepts Eikleberry
KIN-366-A Applied Exercise Physiology Baumgarten
KIN-390-A Exercise Physiology Lund
ME-351-M Mechanical Engineering Design Lab Shi
ME-490-A Senior Design Seminar Shi
MGMT 325-1 Leadership in Organizations Staff
MGMT-325-A Leadership in Organizations O'Connell
MGMT 449-2 Strategic Management and Policy Pillutla
MGMT 449-A Strategic Management and Policy Su
MGMT 449-B Strategic Management and Policy Su
NURS-441-1 Evidence Based Practice I, II, III Robnett
NURS-485-A Advanced Application Project Kilen
NURS-485-B Advanced Application Project Garton
NURS-485-C Advanced Application Project Robnett
PSCI 365-2 Political, Civic and Community Leadership Foley
PSCI-365-2A Political, Civic and Community Leadership Parsons
PSCI-400-A Research in Political Science Hebert
PSYC-314-A Human Motivation Waterstreet
PSYC-342-A Theories of Counseling Stachula
PSYC-342-B Theories of Counseling Staff
SOC-407-A Seminar in Sociology Archer
THEO-499-A Senior Seminar in Theology Adams

  + = Satisfies general education requirement