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Educational Policies

The EPC formulates, interprets and coordinates curricular policy. Final recommendations and proposals to the committee are made through the dean of the appropriate College.

EPC information is on Blackboard.

2016-2017 Educational Policies Committee Members

College of Health and Human Services
Kathy Andresen (FA16-SP19)
Lynn Frank (FA14-SP17)
Brenda Hughes (FA15-SP18)
Deanna Stoube (FA15-SP18), chair

College of Arts and Sciences
Il Woo Cho (FA15-SP18)
Larry Skillin (FA14-SP17)
Grant Tietjen (FA15-SP18)
Katie Trujillo (FA14-SP17)

College of Business
Billy Lynn (FA15-SP18)
Jason Senjem (FA14-SP17)

Other members
Paul Koch, VPASA - Ex officio (votes in tie)
Rev. Bud Grant, Director of General Education - Ex officio (no vote)
Paula McNutt, College of Arts and Sciences Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
Sandy Cassady, College of Education and Health Sciences Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
William Lesch, College of Business Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
Brad Thiessen, Assessment Coordinator - Ex officio (no vote)