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College of Health and Human Services
Dale Blesz (FA13-SP16)
Lynn Frank (FA14-SP17)
Brenda Hughes (FA15-SP18)
Deanna Stoube (FA13-SP15), chair

College of Arts and Sciences
Il Woo Cho (FA15-SP18)
Larry Skillin (FA14-SP17)
Grant Tietjen (FA15-SP18)
Katie Trujillo (FA14-SP17)

College of Business
Billy Lynn (FA15-SP18)
Jason Senjem (FA14-SP17)

Other members
Paul Koch, VPASA - Ex officio (votes in tie)
Rev. Bud Grant, Director of General Education - Ex officio (no vote)
Sarah Vordtriede-Patton, College of Arts and Sciences Interim Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
Sandy Cassady, College of Education and Health Sciences Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
William Lesch, College of Business Dean - Ex officio (no vote)
Brad Thiessen, Assessment Coordinator - Ex officio (no vote)