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Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook Committee is one of the standing committees of the Faculty Assembly. Its purpose is to carry out continuing study of the Faculty Handbook and to be the channel for the amendment or revision of the Handbook.

The Faculty Handbook spells out the rights and responsibilities of the faculty, and faculty contracts are construed and interpreted in light of the provisions of the Faculty Handbook. This committee will meet when updates are required or requests are made that relate to Faculty Handbook issues.

2016-2017 Faculty Handbook Committee Members

College of Business

College of Health and Human Services

  • Mike Puthoff (FA15-SP17), Chair
  • Erica Thomas (FA16-SP18)

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Neil Aschliman (FA16-SP18)
  • Robert Mitchell (FA15-SP17), Nathan Windt (SP17 only)