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Institutional Review Board

The St. Ambrose University Institutional Review Board (IRB) is established, in compliance with Federal regulations, to review and approve all research involving human participants. It is the policy of the University that no research conducted under its jurisdiction:

  • Be contrary to the mission of the Institution.

  • Exposes persons who participate as participants or respondents to unreasonable risks to their health, general well-being, or privacy.

All research activities involving the use of human participants must be submitted for prior review by the University Institutional Review Board.

Specifically, the University is concerned with all research, development, and related activities involving the use of human participants. The IRB is charged with ensuring:

  • The rights and welfare of the individuals involved are adequately protected.

  • The participation of individuals is based on freely given informed consent; and the individual is free to withdraw consent and discontinue participation at any time without loss of benefits or other negative consequences.

  • The risks to the participants are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits to the participants and the importance of the knowledge to be gained as to warrant a decision to allow the participants to accept these risks.

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