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    Who is a good fit for taking accelerated courses?
    Professional working adults who have completed some previous higher education courses and who are looking to complete their bachelors degree are the ideal candidates to take accelerated courses from St. Ambrose University. We offer the support and services necessary for students to achieve this goal while balancing their professional, family, and educational commitments.
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    Why do students choose to return to school?
    St. Ambrose students tell us they've returned to school for a number of reasons: the desire to not miss out on the opportunity for advancement in their current career, looking for a change in careers, requirements from an employer, the importance of acting as a positive example for their children to go to college and complete their degree, and for personal growth and development.
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    How do I get more information on this program?
    Begin by requesting more information online, via email, or by calling 563/333-5700 to speak with an Admission Representative. We’ll answer any questions you may have, address any concerns in moving forward and provide you with information on your next steps toward your academic career.
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    What is the admissions process?
    The admissions process is simple. Your first steps are to complete a FREE application and request official transcripts from each of your previously attended institutions. An Admissions Representative will contact you once materials are received.

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    What are the admissions requirements?
    In order to be fully admitted, students must:

    • Have at least 3 years of full-time/professional work experience
    • Have at least 12 or more transferable credit hours
    • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0

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    Will my credits transfer or are they too old?
    Credits are never too old to transfer for accelerated programs. If you have attended an accredited college or university, there is no limit on how recently the course must have been completed.
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    Does the university offer credits for life and work experience?
    SAU Accelerated Programs for Adults offers several ways for students to earn credits from their life and work experiences. We call this "experiential learning," and it's an excellent way for our students to integrate the work they've done in the past with the education they are about to receive through our program.

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    Does the university accept credits from the local community college?
    Yes, we have articulation agreements with all of the local community colleges, and we will transfer in up to 60 credit hours from any two year college.

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    How many credit hours can be transferred in?
    While only 60 hours can be transferred in from two-year institutions, a total of 90 credits can be transferred from four-year colleges and universities. Ask our academic advisors or specifics—they'll explain it all to you.

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    How much is this all going to cost?
    And are financial aid and scholarships available for nontraditional students?
    Click here for the cost per credit hour. Students who are seeking financial aid should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The online application provided at the FAFSA website is the first step toward obtaining student aid for federal and state grants, institutional support, and scholarships. St. Ambrose's Title IV School Code for completing the FAFSA is 001889. More information is available at the main SAU Financial Aid Office website.

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    Will I have an academic advisor to go to while in school?
    Actually, you'll have one before classes even begin. Advising is available to every student, and we believe it is a key factor in your ultimate success. In this program, every student is assigned an academic advisor, and new students are required to meet with our advisers prior to beginning courses. And be sure to take their advice: They know what they're talking about, and are looking out for your best interests. Advisors are available by appointment by calling 563-333-6126.

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    What if I need assistance with a course?
    We offer free tutoring for all students—it's a point of distinction in our program, and something used often by all our students. Check out the Student Success Center's website to find out what services are available, and to how to make an appointment. Like all offices and departments at St. Ambrose, the Center is available to make you the best that you can be.
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    I'm not sure what I want to major in. What should I do?
    Even as adults, it's sometimes difficult to decide "what we want to be when we grow up." Our academic advisers can help you search for the program right for you, and services like the Counseling Center and the Student Success Center can also be great places to ask questions so that you can discover the answer to that question.
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