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St. Ambrose makes it possible for students at different points on their educational path—from those who have earned a handful of credits to those with associate degrees—to complete their bachelor's degrees at a flexible pace. In the process, students better their lives, not only by improving their earning power, but by growing as confident professionals and empowered leaders.

A degree can be earned by taking classes in multiple delivery formats. Classes fit into full-time work schedules and programs are sensitive to students with family commitments. With our individual focus, our advisors can work with you, as special job or family needs arise. You can balance family, work and your educational pursuits on a reasonable schedule.

With input from our students, we continuously improve the Ambrose learning and service experience.

Never Settle

For Sandi Bunch '14, a Plans Analyst for the Army Sustainment Command at the Rock Island Arsenal, the easy way through life was never an option.

sandi bunch

"By the age of 27 I had completed a 4-year Marine Corps enlistment, married, birthed a beautiful daughter, divorced, lost my home, and was raising my child in a two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment, on a $10.50/hour job. That was rock bottom for me ... I made the decision that I did not want that kind of life for myself or my daughter."

She enrolled at St. Ambrose and worked tirelessly – taking a heavy class load to graduate early – and earned her Bachelor's of Business Administration degree in May 2014. She also earned the Debra M. Livingston Outstanding Adult Student Award.

"I have lofty professional goals as well and would love to be among the few Senior Executive Service members of our government (which is equivalent to the rank of a General Officer). I am a young mother, and by the time my daughter graduates high school, I will not even be at the halfway point in my professional career; I want to travel and learn about other cultures and governments.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in the St. Ambrose accelerated program and am proud to report that this is the first school I've ever attended where I made the Dean's list."

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