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Academic Advising
The learning disability specialist or SDS director can act as academic advisor for students with disabilities during their first year. SDS staff assists students in selecting courses while taking into consideration their disability.

Students receive support in practicing self-advocacy with faculty and others when identifying and requesting appropriate accommodations.

Alternative Exam Arrangements
Exam modifications, including extended time, large-print tests, separate testing room, or use of a reader, scribe or computer, give students the chance to better demonstrate their understanding of the course content and adjust for the limitations caused by their disability when taking certain kinds of exams. Click here to see the list of forms

Assistive Technology
Students may take advantage of a number of assistive and adaptive devices and equipment to help compensate for disabling conditions.

Books in Alternative Format
Textbooks or other printed class material may be obtained in alternative format. Click here to see the list of forms

Assistive Listening Devices
Persons who are hard of hearing may use the fm hearing assistance system. Individual receivers and a variety of headset adaptations are available. These units receive an fm transmission directly from the sound systems in Galvin Fine Arts Center and the Chapel. Personal transmitters and receivers are also available for the classroom.

Learning Disability Specialist
The learning disability specialist provides one-on-one skills instruction in strategies to compensate for their learning disability. The frequency of sessions depends on individual need.

Liaison with Outside Agencies
The office works with local and state agencies such as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and the Department for the Blind. Students may be referred to these agencies for help with funding or to receive services that are not available on campus.

Note Takers 
If the student's disability interferes with taking notes in class, he or she can obtain a copy of class notes from a note taker. Click here to see the list of forms

Screening and Referral for Diagnosis of a Disability
The office may refer students suspected of having a disability to area psychologists or other appropriate professionals for diagnostic testing.

Sign Language Interpreters
Interpreters are provided for classes and other campus activities.

Other Accommodations
Services are not limited to those described above. Students are encouraged to meet with the office staff to request accommodations that are not currently provided.