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Adrian Trent


Eldridge, Iowa

Multimedia Journalism

Reporter for The Buzz student newspaper

Advice to Incoming Students

"Learn to be OK with being wrong from time to time. Just remember you're here to learn, and you're here to get better."

'Each Teacher Inspired Me'

Adrian Trent got more than she bargained for when she enrolled in St. Ambrose not yet fully decided on a major.

"Every class I've taken has opened my mind to different interests that I didn't know I had before I came here," she said. "It was really hard for me to decide on my major, because each teacher inspired me. I could have seen myself focusing in several different areas."

That's among the benefits of a St. Ambrose education. Our liberal arts foundation doesn't shape a student's interests quite so much as it reveals them. "I have taken something different from each class that has helped round me out as a person," she said. "I learned I am very interested in a lot of different things."

In her own words:

Why St. Ambrose?

I wanted to be close to my family and job, but still be challenged. So I chose St. Ambrose. It was also important to me to have small class sizes. I am an introvert and it helps to know St. Ambrose has teachers who really care and know who each student is as an individual.

How did you end up settling on your major?

In high school, I wrote multiple research papers on things that were media-related, such as the problems with photo manipulation and advertising to children. It's been one of my passions and it felt most true to who I am to continue my studies in that area.

What should students bring to campus?

The most important thing to bring to class is the right attitude. We all can get tired, but you are only here for four years- so make the most of it and put forth your best effort. Remember why you're here.

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