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Enabling Students to Develop Physically

students playing volleyball

Last year, about 40 percent of all St. Ambrose undergraduate students participated in organized intramural sports and recreational activities. Prospective St. Ambrose students and their parents increasingly are interested in knowing about the facilities and programs the school has to offer that can help students stay strong and healthy.

The current gymnasium struggles to accommodate the 40-plus volleyball teams and more than 55 basketball teams that participated in intramural leagues this past year. Activities organized by the Wellness and Recreation Office alone can occupy the gym from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m. There is almost no time for an informal game of pick-up basketball or volleyball or badminton.

Nearly 10 club sports have been added to the campus activity roster in recent years. Also growing in popularity, especially among female students, are aerobic dance activities such as Zumba. The number of people using the PE Center weight room has increased from an average of 750 to more than 1,000 per week in just the past year.

The main obstacle to our students participating in intramurals, recreational, and fitness activities is the limited availability of space and equipment. To build for our future, a wellness and recreation center is needed that can meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's Ambrosians.