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Legacy Giving

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Invest in the future of St. Ambrose and its students

The St. Ambrose experience lasts a lifetime. It prepares students to take their places as responsible members of their business communities, their towns, their parishes and their families. It prepares them to be leaders.

You can help prepare today's–and tomorrow's–leaders with a named, endowed scholarship. By establishing a named scholarship, either for yourself or in honor of some else, you are ensuring a positive and significant impact on future generations of Ambrosians. Scholarships that are endowed provide a steady source of financial aid for students to offset the cost of their tuition. Because endowed funds are invested and only a portion of the interest on these funds are awarded, they provide a reliable, steady source of assistance in perpetuity. This means that your legacy will continue to assist generations of St. Ambrose students for years beyond our lifetime.

The University's policy is that a scholarship becomes endowed once it reaches $50,000. Scholarships may be funded with cash; gifts of stock or other appreciated property; or through planned gifts. Additional contributions may be made to the fund at any time, thus continuing to augment financial aid for students.

For more information, contact the Office of Planned Giving at or by calling 563-333-6080.