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Advancement and alumni engagement

Alexa Vikel


Business management and marketing major

Proud Ambrosian
Home builder
Future President's Club member

reality lives enriched

Heartfelt Thanks

"No words will ever be able to explain how grateful I am for your generosity."

When Alexa graduated from high school, she didn't think a college education was necessary for a successful life. A few months of living on her own taught her differently. After a campus tour, Alexa knew St. Ambrose, with its small size and friendly faculty and staff, could provide her with the education she needed to achieve her goals.

Now, not only is Alexa creating a better future for herself, she's also helping build brighter futures for others through her work with St. Ambrose's Habitat for Humanity group, one of several extracurricular clubs on campus. After Alexa graduates, she plans on becoming a President's Club member, so she can carry on the tradition of enriching lives.      

In her own words

Attending St. Ambrose University has been the best decision and experience that I've ever had. I'm receiving the best education while being surrounded by such wonderful, caring professors and fellow students.

During my three years at Ambrose I've had the pleasure of meeting many students, faculty and staff and I've also made several friendships that will last a lifetime. That is all thanks to you and your donations. You will never understand how much your contributions have helped me, not only by allowing me to receive a high-quality education that will help my future, but also by allowing me to stay surrounded by friends who are also trying to better their future.

Without your help, I am not sure that I would be able to attend college, so you are not only helping me but also my family, since unfortunately they cannot afford for me to go to college on their income. Your willingness to help students like me--whom you don't even know--is amazing; no words will ever be able to explain how grateful I am for your generosity. It is a privilege to be a part of the Ambrose community,

Thank you again! Go Bees!