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Advancement and alumni engagement

Paige Nagle

Paige Nagie photo

Major gift officer

Advancement and Alumni Engagement

Alumni House
1527 N. Brady
Davenport, IA 52803


My connection to St. Ambrose: I received my Master's degree in Organizational Leadership from St. Ambrose in 2013. I was working for a local nonprofit at the time, but had always been curious about a career in higher education. When this position opened up, I knew it would be a great opportunity to combine my love for event planning, philanthropy, and education. I started my career at St. Ambrose in June 2015.

What I like about my job: There are many things I love about this job, but the overall sense of community at St. Ambrose is what makes it the most enjoyable. "Welcome to the family" was heard from faculty, staff, and alumni alike when I first started which speaks volumes to the connections made here.

This is especially true in the Alumni Office. We get the unique pleasure of reliving fond college memories while visiting with alumni of all ages who are extremely grateful for the experiences they had as Ambrosians. My favorite event is Homecoming. There is such a positive buzz (SAU pun intended!) around campus with so many fun events taking place throughout the weekend. There really is something for everyone to take part in from reunions to Taste of Ambrose to the football game and so much more.

Most commonly asked question: Are you an alum? The answer is yes! I did not attend SAU for my BA, but wised up eventually and chose SAU for my graduate studies. Go Bees!