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What to Do on Campus

Your Success In College ...

... is all about choice.

All students at St. Ambrose have the opportunity to be part of many events, programs, and activities. These awesome choices are typically free and promoted based on your feedback. SAU Faculty and Staff work hard to provide a quality education and also a positive experience outside the classroom.

We all have choices when we come to college. The myth of "there's nothing to do" in college is simply not true. The pages at left and below demonstrate events and programs that dispel rumors and suggestions that college is all about drugs and alcohol. You can also go to this page and get a pretty good idea of what too much alcohol and drugs can do to you, your relationships,  – and your future.



You'll find several ways to spend your free time:

Mocktails, Late Night at Lee Lohman, Bingo, attending concerts, and more

Club Sports
Several new clubs have started up in the past few years, so check them out!

Service to your community

Get involved with Campus Activities Board and plan an event