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Retired Faculty and Staff

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Ambrose really is one big family-and we consider the faculty and staff who have roamed our halls, stood in front of our classrooms, and supported our students throughout their time here to be an important extension of our alumni community.

This group-which we've dubbed "Always Ambrosians"-was started for retired faculty and staff who wish to maintain a connection with the university they committed their careers to, and stay infomed with the ongoing work of the university. This group is also our opportunity to express our appreciation to you for your years of dedicated service, and help connect you with the students whose lives you enriched in more ways than one. This alumni group:

  • Serves as a conduit for communication between the university and retired faculty and staff
  • Maintains and enhances the ongoing relationship between faculty and staff throughout their retirement years
  • Promotes the participation of retired faculty and staff in university activities
  • Develops and organizes activities and events of special interest to retirees

So, retired Ambrosians: Reach out and let us know what you are up to, and join us at any number of upcoming special events. Know that our door is always open to you.

To learn more, contact Margaret Babbitt, director of Ambrose annual fund, at 563/333-6287 or email