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Parting Thoughts from SAU Seniors

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Congratulations to our graduating seniors, the newest members of our Alumni Association. Here's what they had to say about their time at St. Ambrose and where they go from here.

Melanie Felien 
Major: Psychology with minors in Biology, Sociology, Organizational Leadership
Next step: To complete her Doctor of Occupational Therapy at St. Ambrose.
Best memory: All of the ugly tears shed at SAU Dance marathon, cheering at St. Ambrose Football games, and all of the friendships and relationships made. 

Shannon Milazzo
Major: Psychology 
Next Step: Completing the Master of Occupational Therapy Program at St. Ambrose.
Best memory: The people, the beautiful campus, the helpful faculty and Fr. Chuck. 

Alyssa Daniel 
Major: Chemistry with minors in Biology, Forensic Science, and Criminal Justice 
Next step: Moving to Knoxville, TN to pursue a PhD. in Analytical Chemistry, hoping to eventually do research and teach college chemistry.
Best memory: The faculty in the chemistry department were always willing to help me and never gave up on me. I grew so much in my faith thanks to Bridge Bible Fellowship family and Campus ministry. 

Jordan Webster-Moore 
Major: Theatre with a minor in Biology 
Next step: Develop personal business as a freelance choreographer
Best memory: Every theatre production I was a part of, especially Jerry Finnegan's Sister.

Nick Pearce 
Major: Theatre with minors in Communication Studies and Public Relations
Next step: Americorps- FEMA Branch
Best memory: Winning an award for drama at the American College Theatre Festival.

Katie Pingleff
Major: Psychology with a minor in English 
Next step: Traveling to Europe for two months 
Best memory: All of the amazing people I have met. I could not imagine being anywhere else for my undergrad.

Lindsay Nickles
Major: Nursing
Next step: Move to Chicago and obtain a job on a Labor & Delivery floor
Best memory: Mass in the Grotto and Dance Marathon. 

Catherine Bettay 
Major: Secondary English Education with a minor in Theatre
Next step: Teaching sophomore English at Shenandoah High School and also will be the Assistant Coach for Speech and Drama.
Best memory: The short-term Study Abroad programs and time with friends. I will also miss my favorite professors and chatting with them. 

Nicholas Stewart 
Major: History Education 
Next Step: Teaching History
Best memory: Residence Life and working hard senior year to accomplish goals.

Ellen Joerger
Major: Psychology with minors in Biology, Applied Ethics
Next Step: Attend St. Ambrose Univeristy's Doctor of Occupational Therapy program.
Best memory: Fr. Chuck

David Francis 
Major: Sport Management with a minor in Communications 
Next Step: Graduate degree at Valparaiso University
Best memory: When Adam and Matt Ferris were eating Chinese in my bathroom.

Alexsandra Najda 
Major: Political Science and History with minors in Honors, International Law, and Philosophy 
Next Step: A two-month trek across Europe
Best memory: When I started a fake sorority for Residence Life.

Brandon Reyes
Major: Computer Network Administration 
Next Step: Leadership Development Program at HNI, Deployment to Afghanistan in the Fall.
Best memory: Hanging out in the Beehive. 

Savannah Hill
Major: Psychology 
Next Step: Completing the 3rd year of the Master of Occupational Therapy program and pass fieldwork.

Jessica Thomas
Major: Biology and Psychology with a minor in Theology
Next Step: I will attend Des Moines University for their Master's of Physician Assistant Studies Program.
Best memory: I will miss the Biology Department. Over the last four years, I have had the pleasure of becoming part of the SAU biology family, and I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world. To be taught by professors with such passion for their subject matter and concern for their students made even the hardest classes enjoyable. Thank you all for showing me your passions so that I could find mine!