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Italy 2014

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statue of St. Ambrose

Stone sculpture of St. Ambrose

Pictures from 2014 trip

Tour Details

"Ambrose's Italy" will take Ambrosians to Milan, Florence, Assisi, and Rome to follow in the footsteps of St. Ambrose of Milan. Although details are still being finalized, participants will enjoy:

  • Two nights in Milan: You'll visit the tomb of our patron saint; the duomo; the Biblioteca Ambrosiana; and several other sites related to St. Ambrose, including a brew pub featuring a most unique beer: Sant Ambroseo.
  • Two nights in Florence: Follow St. Ambrose's footsteps and also take in this amazing city and its art. The group will also visit a few out-of-the-way places you may have missed, even if you've been here before, such as an ancient city on a mountain overlooking the Arno Valley.
  • One night in Assisi (which won't be enough): Get a sense of the holiness and quiet beauty that influenced Francis and Claire (no Ambrose sightings here, unfortunately), and take a walk into the Umbrian countryside.
  • Five nights in Rome: Take in the most famous tourists sites, but also delve into the surprising treasures that await in quiet streets and out-of-the-way corners. Expect works of art to leap from unpretentious churches; archeological digs two or three stories underground; major basillicas that tourists rarely visit; and St. Ambrose's image in a variety of settings from the ancient to the modern. Who knows, you might even run into the Pope.

Fr. Bud Grant, an expert on the university's patron saint, will lead the tour. Proficient in the Italian language, culture, and must-see sites, you're in good hands during this 11-day visit. Throughout this intensive visit, you will be intellectually, spriritually, socially, physically, and artistically enriched!

Travelers must be capable of walking for several hours per day, possibly in inclimate weather due to the time of year. Accommodations will be modest.