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Dinner Theatre

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Thank you!

Thanks to the group that gathered with us for the 2017 Dinner Theatre event.  We enjoyed drinks, dinner and dessert before heading over to the theatre for The Complete Works of William Shakespeare.  We hope to see you again next year!  An announcement about the 2018 event will be posted near the end of 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to this event?
Wear whatever makes you comfortable. Some people dress up and others wear jeans.

Where should I park?
It depends on when and how far you want to walk. Dinner is in the Rogalski Center, and parking is available in the Rogalski Center parking lot on the cornr of Lombard and Ripley. The show is in the Galvin Fine Arts Center, and parking is available in all of the lots west of Gaines Street. You are welcome to move your car between dinner and the show, or you can choose to take a short walk across our beautiful campus. Click here to see a map of campus.

Where do I get my ticket?
We reserve your ticket(s) for you when you RSVP. However, they are not printed until the week of the show. We will have a will-call table at the dinner to distribute tickets.

Is there a discount if I am a Galvin season ticket holder?
Yes, you can deduct $5 from the price of the Dinner Theatre cost.  If you order online, you will be asked if you are a season ticket holder.

Whats Next

Check out the Galvin Fine Arts Center's 2016/17 season, featuring renowned performances from across the country, as well as productions by our very own St. Ambrose University theater and music departments.