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Faculty/Staff of the Year

Congrats to Dr. Nathan Windt and Jacob Fetterer on being the Faculty and Staff of the Year for the 2015-16 school year!

Faculty of the Year: Dr. Nathan Windt

Nominated by Kayla Lansing & Cayla Shuppy
Dr. Windt has worked tirelessly this year to take all of the St. Ambrose choirs to the next level. He selects challenging literature that makes students think and work hard to create a beautiful end project. Dr. Windt is always there if you need anything to do well in his class. He will take time to play through parts for you, answer your questions, and make you feel like you're a valued member of the group. Recently, he took the chamber choir on their first ever tour to Minneapolis for recruiting purposes. Dr. Windt wants to see the St. Ambrose music department grows with students from all majors who want to get together to make music. Dr. Windt always works to show that St. Ambrose is the place students should come to when looking for a good education. He cares about the school's impact and awareness in the community and wants to bring the love of music to all who can hear it. He is truly an exceptional professor and is thought of in the highest regards by his students. - Kayla Lansing

Dr.Windt is an exceptional teacher! He is always ready to go above and beyond to help his students. Music can be difficult to understand and he does an amazing job teaching to students who range from music majors to students who are singing for the first time. I have never had a better music teacher. He represents what it means to be an Ambrosian by being the best teacher he could ever bee. - Cayla Shuppy

Staff of the Year: Jacob Fetterer

Nominated by Molly Jo Smith & Deanna Busse
Since Jacob has started working for Sodexo, there has been numerous improvements involved in campus dining. I have seen multiple changes in the caf over my time at Ambrose. Jacob is deserving of this nomination because he cares so much about what the students want for dining services. He listens to new ideas students have, changes that students want and also certain foods that students love and want more of! Besides listening to what the students want, he also interacts with the students on a regular basis. He is constantly greeting students in the caf, asking how their meal is or even just having conversation about how their day is going. Jacob really cares about the students at St. Ambrose, Jacob is always going above and beyond for students here at Ambrose! He never stops until he knows he has done his job to the best of his ability!

The nominating process is now closed for the 2015-16 school year.  Check back next school year and complete the form below to nominate a faculty/staff person of the year!