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Parent of the Year

Congrats to Joe and Lisa McEachern on being Parents of the Year for the 2015-16 school year!

Parents of the Year: Joe & Lisa McEachern

Nominated by Joey McEachern
Why should my parents be recognized as parents of the year? To be honest, 500 words or less just isn't enough to answer this question, but I will try to keep it simple. My parents have been there for me every step of the way, from the moment I was born, up until this moment now. I wouldn't be here now writing this essay if it weren't for the sacrifices my parents have made for me, and the opportunities that they have given me. The greatest gift that my parents gave to me was being my parents. If you were to meet them you would realize that God gave me all I could have imagined by allowing me to be raised by the people that have given me the world.
It really is true when people say: "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." From the moment that I left freshman year for St. Ambrose until my senior year here now, my relationship with my parents has become even stronger. They touch the hearts of every person they meet when they visit Ambrose because their personalities and warm, caring demeanor is something that you only see in a select few amount of individuals. Not once do they put themselves first when it comes to my sister and me. Every decision that they have ever made has been in the interests of my sister and I first. They CHOSE to send us to Catholic school my whole life. My father CHOSE to run his business from home to spend more time with his family. They CHOSE to raise us in the same house my whole life. They CHOSE to put family first over anything else. This is something that I will forever admire in my parents, and most importantly, something that I will forever cherish.

Throughout my whole life, my parents have been at every basketball game I have ever played in. The most amazing part about this, is this didn't change even when I attended college 2 hours from home. They continued to come to every home game, and as many possible road games as they could. My junior year I didn't see any time on the court. Did that stop them from coming to see their son play? No. They were still there cheering me on every step of the way, until eventually I earned some play time my senior year. Before I knew it, I was hearing the buzzer go off in my very last basketball game ever this year. As I walked out of the locker room, the tears in my eyes weren't from losing the game. Instead, as I saw my parents' faces, 17 years of them on the sidelines flashed before my eyes.

Now, so why should they receive parents of the year? Because everything I am today, and everything I will continue to grow up to be, is because of them.

The nominating process is now closed for the 2015-16 school year.  Check back next school year and complete the form below to nominate your parent for the Parent of the Year award.