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Institutional Research and Assessment

Institutional Research and Assessment

The mission of St. Ambrose, focused on student development, demands that we investigate the extent to which learning occurs and the degree to which our institutional activities contribute to that learning.

The purpose of assessment at St. Ambrose is to provide useful feedback to students, faculty, and external stakeholders for benchmarking and improving institutional effectiveness.

Assessment & Evaluation Committee:

The Assessment & Evaluation Committee promotes a culture of student learning by:
        • serving as a consultative body to SAU and its curricular and co-curricular units
        • sharing assessment and evaluation resources and results with the university community
        • evaluating the progress of university-wide assessment and evaluation activities


The following values guide the implementation and evaluation of assessment at St. Ambrose.
        •  Effective assessment provides timely results used to improve student learning & institutional effectiveness
        •  Effective assessment is efficient & feasible, using existing instruments, data, & procedures when possible
        •  Effective assessment meets both internal demands and external expectations
        •  Effective assessment synthesizes information from high-quality assessment instruments for benchmarking
        •  Effective assessment is developed & sustained by faculty & staff, with strong support from campus leaders
        •  Effective assessment is continuously evaluated and improved
        •  Effective assessment aligns with our institutional commitments to student development & integrated learning
        •  Effective assessment comes in many forms, but is informed by scholarship and good practice

Assessment Plans

Assessment and evaluation activities for the institution, academic programs, and co-curricular units are guided by the Institutional Assessment and Evaluation Plan.

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Student Right to Know

St Ambrose University is pleased to provide information regarding our institution's graduation/completion rates. The information is provided in compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended.

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